Why Us / Our Philosophy

We’re building a library of experience-driven resources for people who don’t want a “quick fix” and believe, instead, in slow yet sustained business (and personal) growth. As a team of strategists, writers, and designers, we work with a growing roster of business owners, designers, accountants, and creatives of all stripes to create unique and practical resources. These resources are built slowly and meant to be read slowly.


From Sarah Schulweis, our inquisitive leader:

“After years of working with small businesses, I wrote a 4-month program out of a desire to scale my business. Eventually, I saw that building my program was a real emotional necessity -- not just a financial one. Taking the time to examine patterns among clients and digest all the information I'd accumulated made me feel like my work of discovering, testing and implementing finally paid off. I had something real to say, I found a process that worked, and engaged with the right people.

After the course was alive and in the world for a year, I saw a space for even more. I expanded the content, worked with an editor to refine the text, and then a designer to make it beautifully readable. Once everything I needed to say was in a resource available to all, I felt relief. It was like my whole world opened up to more learning and I wasn’t holding onto the old lessons anymore.”


Stepping out of the noise

That marked the beginning of A&O Resources, and we’re excited to introduce you, the small business owner or curious professional, and creative human being to our library. Join us by buying and reading the resources and participating in our community. Our authors want your best -- and have put that intention into their work that’s ready for you to consume and make your own.

Solutions to ease the pain points of a business owner and modern professional do exist. Apps, bots, software, courses, lectures, video series, articles, and more. Abundance has its curses, though, and a segment of people are too busy to scour the internet as well as too curious to let someone else take care of it. They want and need a concise, straightforward, tailored, reliable and actionable set of resources from credible experts. There are books, of course, thousands of books in the world, but what this group wants is answers, solutions, and systems they can build off of now.

An over-abundance of resources isn't the only challenge. Finding an ebook or course online is easy,  but because of the (successful and good) strategies, most of the content, positioned as a resource, is marketing and funnels to sell a more expensive product. We see a hole in the marketplace for informed, straightforward, and concise solutions -- without an upsell looming in the future.

One person writes most ebooks, courses, and articles out there. We treat our resources differently, with careful editing, strategic refining, and challenging of assumptions. Instead of one expert writing a book and sending it off to a copyeditor who has no say in the content, our authors talk at length with our strategists, editor, and designer, to fully expand (or reign in) the resource and add multidimensional opinions. We believe that many brains are better than one.

The guiding beacon for our resources is this trio: thought, action, change. Anchor & Orbit has built its reputation on the fact that there can’t be one of the three without the other. Through this commitment, A&O’s reputation has stayed free from BS, steeped in vision, planning, and making sh*t happen. This resource library will feel the same way.

Once everything I needed to say was in a resource available to all, I felt relief. It was like my whole world opened up to more learning and I wasn’t holding onto the old lessons anymore.
— Sarah Schulweis, Founder of Anchor&Orbit

Meet our first resources

It’s natural that since Sarah started this project by answering her desire to deeply process her work that her resource is the first we publish. Her Guide, Achieving Your Goals: Understand, Create, & Maintain, takes the reader through goal uncovering, analysis, and thoughtful questions, to organizing a path to better work. Expect meticulous research, author reflections, and assignments designed to jumpstart the reader into action by setting up their long-term systems.

Another resource is about how to build (and maintain) a writing habit as a business owner. In this one you’ll learn how to take consistent, small action and identify yourself as a writer (or not!) You’ll also discover ways to ask for help in your writing process and begin building your writing community.

A third resource is advice and strategies for designers whose integrity is being challenged by clients who might want them to copy something off Pinterest. The author dives into her experiences communicating with clients and shares widely applicable lessons. Remember this resource when you’re feeling stagnant because it includes design and creativity warm ups to help get you unstuck.

With all of our resources, the reader joins our community forum for three months so they can ask questions and interact with the authors and other readers.


Our competitors

#1 — Video / time sucks

Watching a video is great sometimes! But we also think that having the option to cut to the chase is great, too. So, the original written work is our solution. Like to listen? We also create audio files to go along with your resource.

#2 — Articles / quick fixes

Always reading about The TOP 3 WAYS is a great way to get generic information that doesn’t guide you toward solutions. We don’t create feel-good 2-minute reads.

#3 — Podcasts / rose colored glasses

We love love love podcasts! There are so many we adore, and the wealth of information from people who were previously inaccessible is mind-blowing -- but we still think that their guidance and opinions can leave us without a concrete plan of action.  

The guiding beacon for our resources is this trio: thought, action, change.

Why not call it a book?

We want to convey the idea that our resources aren’t standalone. And this takes effort -- we’ve probably all bought a book with good intentions to implement it into our lives and then never finished it. We want to safeguard your plans and set you up for success. That’s why we prioritize self-reflection, time, and community.

Self-reflection: Our resources are paired with thoughtful questions to help deepen the reader's understanding as well as create a space to find their internal compass.

Time: We don't impose on your minutes or hours. You can skim, rewrite, question, dive in, follow the author's guidelines -- or do the opposite. Finishing the resource inspired to shift and get to work is what we want for you.

Community: We want to build something bigger than ourselves and these products. Each resource will give you three months access to a community forum (with more access available if desired.) In this forum, you’ll get to meet your fellow resource lovers, interact with the authors, and get your questions answered through the community.


Big goals don’t scare us away

We want to help you uncover the connection between your strengths and weaknesses -- and understand that success is found because of that, not in spite of it. Our resources are personal projects opened to a team and then shared with the community -- perfectly imperfect. We work for those who seek mental, emotional, and creative satisfaction.

Profound happiness is our real goal – and we know it’s a big one. More importantly, it’s a worthy goal that shines bright enough to snap us out of the daily distractions and keep us working for (and with) you.

A&O Resources was founded to not only encourage, but support others who want to do business (and life) differently. Too long has the conversation focused on profit over purpose, and hiding insights instead of sharing. We are always working to take the conversation deeper, shine a light on varied voices, all without losing our focus action.

Our resources aren’t for everyone. And they come out of a need that is personal and yet broad. The authors we work with tell us, "I'm writing the book I wanted to read," and then we help them crystalize that into a real resource. A&O Resources is for people like us who don’t want success if it means hating life or books filled with empty motivational quotes. We want to read clear words that show a guiding thought process and lead to actionable work. And, most importantly, we want you to join our community because it’s when we all start reading, asking, answering, and working together that the magic happens.


P.S. Might you be one of our authors?

Examine your work and life and ask yourself if you have a resource of your own to create with our help. Now or in the future, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. We love wild half-baked ideas as well as already written first drafts. If you have specific expertise, don’t necessarily call yourself a writer, and never claim to have all the answers, you’ll fit right in with our other authors.

A&O Resources was founded to not only encourage, but support others who want to do business (and life) differently.

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